Why Codeigniter is the PHP Frameworks for Enterprise Web App Development.

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language designed for Web development, but also used as a general-purpose programming language

PHP framework is a library that makes the life of site developer easier by for example hiding some complexities of HTTP protocol or by adding some useful functions. For example the Codeigniter implements so called MVC which makes developer to think a level higher than HTTP
PHP application framework are part and parcel of a programmer’s professional life. Not any framework will suffice. Each framework has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose one that will best on your project requirement or suit you. in this article, we look at one codeigniter framework is best from other in particular scenario.
We will try to know what is CodeIgniter MVC Framework and what it is?
CodeIgniter is one of the oldest PHP frameworks available. Focused onRAD, CodeIgniter was released in 2006 and remains popular among developers. Let’s take a look at some its main features and benefits. latest version of codeigniter is 3.X, and upcoming codeigniter version is 4.X
What is MVC(Model-View-Controller)?

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) is an architectural pattern that separates an application into three main logical components: the model, the view, and the controller.

Model-Data Handler: It represents your data structure, usually interacting with the Database or like insertion, deletion all that part comes in this file
View-User Interface: It is used to represent your web project i.e to show the UI part normally it contains the HTML and CSS code.
Controller: The Controller in MVC architecture handles any incoming URL request. Controller is a class, derived from the base class System.Web.Mvc.Controller. Controller class contains public methods called Action methods. Controller and its action method handles incoming browser requests, retrieves necessary model data and returns appropriate responses.
Reasons why CodeIgniter is better than other PHP Frameworks 
⦁ No need to install : Believe it or not, really no need to install need to download codeigniter from the codeine official site and paste it to root directory and replace the folder name to your project name that’s it,
⦁ Configuration: Codeigniter MVC framework has very simple configuration, you just have to first install the framework as per your system configuration then at the time of programming open the config.php load the library, database, arrays all in that and save that’s it then. You don’t have to write the database name every time to use it. “Write once uses everywhere”.
⦁ Execution Time : The most important point which attracts every developer towards the PHP is its execution time php give the response too fast that till now no technology is in this world can give the execution so fast.
⦁ Database Abstractions or More: Every decent framework has a database abstraction layer nowadays and CI is no exception. You can easily create insert, update and delete statements without needing to write raw SQL. Handle connections to multiple databases within one application and connect to any of the following database types: MySQL (4.1+), MySQLi, MS SQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQLite, or ODBC. CI also lets you manipulate your database like add/remove columns from tables, create new tables and remove old ones using it’s new database forge library.
⦁ File Organization: When you first install the CodeIgniter framework at that time only it contains the many files application which contains the sub-folders as controller, config, model, view etc.This is the main folder which we have to deal to implement the project.
⦁ Error Handling: Handling errors in the web development had always been a big concern for the programmers as it eats lots of time. But, CodeIgniter has made error handling an easy job. By writing a code of one line, you can get all errors appear on your screen. This way, you can easily spot the errors in the quickest way and can fix it right there.
⦁ CI Online Community: Codeigniter has a very effective and active community where your questions has been replied within minutes. Its very active community I have ever experienced. With an active online forum, Codeigniter has also a Wiki page where you can download many great libraries and plugins developed by CI community. These plugins are free to download and use. With these useful plugins and classes.

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