Installation process of WordPress in Linux machine locally


1) Download the latest version from the WordPress official web site.

2) Extract the downloaded folder and rename to your project or you can keep it as it is.


3) Copy the folder into you htdocs folder.

4) Before running installation process keep ready with your user-name and password that you   want to give to your   administrator.

Create database also, that is required for the WordPress installation.


5) Now run the process by hitting URL till the folder of WordPress that you have copied into htdocs make sure your Apache server is running properly and you have given 0777 permission the the folder.

Example: http://localhost/your_folder_name


6) Now screen will appear that will ask to keep you ready with

a) Database name

b) Database User name

c) Database Password

d) Database host

e) Table prefix

Click on Let’s go


7) Now it will ask you for newly created database and rest of the details, fill those details and click Submit button.


8) Now WordPress will check the data you have entered is correct or not. If all is correct then it will sow confirmation message, then press Run The Install.


9) Next screen will ask you for the details of you site and user name and password for admin and your email address.

keep all the details in your mind or write it down somewhere .

Press Install WordPress.


10) After successful installations you will get success screen.

image9  11) Now you can login with your administrator credentials.


12) After successful login you will get your website dashboard, from were you can do the changes.


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