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The Model-View-Controller (MVC) is an architectural design pattern that seperates an application in three components : first is Model, second is View, third is Controller.

Here is the flow-diagram of MVC :-




Diagram shows the single flow layout of data, how it is passed between each components, and show the relationship between each component works.


The Model component corresponds to all the data-related logic that the user works with.The Model is the name given to the permanent storage of the data used in the overall design.

Model represents shape of the data and business logic. It maintains the data of the application. Model objects retrieve and store model state in a database.

One important aspect of the Model is that it’s technically “blind” – that means the model has no connection or knowledge of what happens to the data when it is passed to the View or Controller components.

Model is a data and business logic.


View display data using model to the user and also enables them to modify the data.

The View component is used for all the UI logic of the application

The View is where data, requested from the Model, is viewed and its final output is determined.

In web apps built using MVC, the View is the part of the system where the HTML is generated and displayed.

View is a user interface.


Controller act as an interface between Model and view components to precess all the incoming requests.

It handles the users request.User interact with View, which in-tern raises appropriate URL request, this request will be handled by a controller.

Controller is a request handler.

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Thinking about starting an eCommerce startup but you simply don’t know how?

Does it seem like an impossible challenge for you?

…you’re not alone.

So before anything just make proper plan and then execute in better way.

One of the major reasons, why online eCommerce startups succeed its  because of the right development / consultant partner selection.

So being a startup you need to be very careful while selecting the team or company  for your online eCommerce web portal development as well as Mobile Application. So you need to select best team to handle all the development process from scratch and make proper plan to execute.

Four parameters for your startup eCommerce business:

  1. Ecommerce Development Expertise: Start the ecommerce web portal development expertise before you handover your project development work by discussing their work examples in detail. You can also ask about their client references and just to be sure does a reference check that whatever they are claiming as their developed web portals are originally delivered by them only. Also refer a few resumes/portfolio /profile to assess their expertise in ecommerce  development and short list top talents to compare with few other IT companies / consultants/freelancers.
  2. E-commerce Consulting Experience or Expertise: Apart from the technical expertise, being a startup company, it is most important for you to review their(companies/freelancer) domain expertise in the ecommerce field. You should choose a company which not only delivers technically but also understands the ecommerce depth and can consult you with respect to further steps which can take your online business to the next level. It means you need technical person as well as ecommerce adviser they can give you advice.
  3. Support & Maintenance( after product delivery until its stable): The team must be ready to provide support after initial ecommerce development, third party integrations, bug fixing and maintenance tasks. They should also know about payment integration methodologies
  4. Marketing :  Marketing of any product play vital role in product success. 90% of product success and failure is depends on marketing stuffs. So Choose wisely a marketing team If the company know  how to market the products online and how they reach the goal , it is an added advantage for you to select them However before allocating your business projects to them. you should review their past projects and the growth of their past clients with their efforts.


One of the important aspect of eCommerce success is Mobile application. Because of my generation, everything they want in smart phone. So mobile application is also play very important role for product success.

We also provide end –to –end Web and mobile application support and maintenance as well as development To more about my service and solutions drop us an email at

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